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Kenn Fox Live with Friends:
Stream of Consciousness

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Twelve original instrumentals performed live in Northpoint church, Hartland WI, summer 2022, featuring twelve guitars from Kenn's personal collection.

Guests include Garrett Waite, Dave Karnes, and Dave "No Fret" Finley.

Written and produced by Kenn Fox. Mixed and mastered at Axis by Vinny Millevolte and Kenn Fox.


  1. The Clairvoyant
  2. The Second Wonder
  3. Faith
  4. The Old Wooden Bridge
  5. One Step Forward Two Steps Back
  6. Marion
  7. Jiro
  8. Waiting for the Red Moon
  9. Center of Gravity
  10. You Are Here
  11. Prayer for Danu
  12. Malakai's Rainbow


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